On May 27,2014, 8:00am,CMAME2014 started. Conference Chair Prof. Gong Hao gave the opening remarks. CMAME2014 conference committee invited 2 renowned professors to share their knowledge and experiences with attendees. They were Prof. Gong Hao, from NUS, Singapore, Dr. Cho-Pei Jiang, from National Formosa University, Taiwan.



Prof. Gong Hao was delivering the keynote speech



Dr. Cho-pei Jiang was delivering the keynote speech 


The speech gained good reputation. Conference attendees actively discussed with our experts.




During the coffee break, group photo was taken. Unfortunately, some one missed this time.



At 10:30 pm, May 27, authors' presentation started. It was divided into 6 special sessions. Each session was well organized and presenters actively discussed with each other. Finally, 6 best papers came out from each session. The winner were: Dun-Yen Kang ( Session 1), Abdul Waris (Session 2),Bin Liu (Session 3) Shinn-Liang Chang( Session 4) and Sarah ‘Atifah Saruchi (Session 5) and Kausalyah Veukatason (Session 6).


 Bin Liu  

At 18:30, the dinner banquet began. During the dinner, certificate for best papers was awarded. Participants and Keynote Speakers could talk with each other as well as enjoy the delicious food. It's an opportunity to know new friends, new cooperation chance ,etc.